Depeche Mode Remix-Mixtape zum kostenfreien Download

Sehr netter Tipp für alle Depeche Mode Fans und Remix-Sammler: Ein Depeche Mode Remix-Mixtape zum kostenfreien Download bei Soundcloud.


An appreciation of the greatest band ever to grace the planet (my humble opinion) .. A collection of some great remixes from many good people up in the cloud of sound crammed together in and hour and half set (give or take 4+ mins) …could’ve gone on for much longer as have an extensive collection of Mode mixes.. Many thanks to all who have crafted their mixes and almighty thanks to ‘The Mode’ themselves for still being around after so many glorious years… Phoenix DJ

  1. Enjoy The Silence (Growling Machines Rmx)
  2. Sister Of Night (Ida Engbergs Walking Through The Light Remix)
  3. Policy Of Truth ( Trueended Naweed Mix )
  4. World In My Eyes(Jask Deep Burnt Sky Mix)
  5. Shine (Silinder Remix)
  6. Personal Jesus (Shane 54 remix)
  7. Little 15 (Yalcin Asan Project)
  8. Dream On (Domateck Remix)
  9. Halo (Waldorff Version)
  10. Behind The Wheel (Coqui Remix)
  11. Only When I Lose Myself (KatapultDJ Remix)
  12. Black Celebration (RE-FX Mix)
  13. Waiting For The Night (Lying on my bedroom floor remix)
  14. Fly On The Windscreen (Remotified)
  15. In Your Room (Waldorff Version)
  16. Walking In My Shoes (Rob Dust Remix)
  17. Precious (Matt Crofford Remix)
  18. Sacred (Kernfusion)
  19. Everything Counts (Oliver Huntemann & Stephan Bodzin Dub)
  20. Insight ( Naweed Mix )
  21. Here Is The House (FZero Remix)

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