Cover: WingerNach drei Jahren melden sich Winger mit einem neuen Studioalbum zurück: "Karma" erscheint am 16. Oktober 2009 bei Frontier Records. Die erste Pressung wird es als limitierte Digipack Edition geben. Kip Winger selbst zum neuen Werk:

We were discussing the very interesting path the band has had and we have all been through so much together. So we went for “Karma” as this is a word that truly sums up the experience of being in the band. When the chance came up to do a new Winger record, I envisioned a upbeat totally rocking record that was a cross between the 1st Winger album and Pull. So Reb and I sat down and wrote all the music in a month or so. I worked for 6 months to finish it in the classic Winger style. Usually Winger fans don’t "expect" anything because they know we do what we feel like doing artistically. It is not a commercially driven band. I can say that the songs are very upbeat.

Im November sind Winger auch auf Promo-Tour durch Europa für das neue Werk.

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